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TheSWMTeam Proudly Presents

SWM Partners

Since the beginning, TheSWMTeam Entertainment we have given inspiration directly to the hands of the community.


Depending how active and determined you are we’ll give you a fair shot if we see your potential. You’ll get a coupon code and see if it sells within 30 days. If you don’t sell anything we’ll sadly have to remove you from our program, you can always reapply after 90 days.


You have to be at least 18 years old to receive payments or merchandise from us, unless you have consent from your legal guardian or parents. If you're under the age than someone who is will have to receive your earnings until you become 18.


You don’t have to be a sellout but remember you only get paid when people use your coupon. We only hire people to create videos or articles that have already sold a few books i.e. have tons of interactivity in their genre of content.

We don’t encourage sub for a sub at all and it has no sustainable traits to bring an audience. As a marketing team, we look over your engagement.

Acceptance and


Adding new members is something that the Partner management team discusses. Generally, someone will follow up with you and let you know if you meet all of the qualifications and determine if you'll be a good fit.
You should know within a month, MAX.

Do know that if you're denied we'll offer you some free resources on how to grow your social platforms. Hopefully, the tips and tricks help.


as of right now we’re fully out of job opportunities in this area but in the future we plan on getting that more developed. We do need advertisers though so if you feel like you can provide us a video or a blog article we’ll look over it for a potential shot.

Not qualified

We’ll pay you if it’s stellar and if you’re asked to. We make no promises,

What % do I take

Depending on the size of your audience will determine how much equity of your sales will make. This will be all included in an agreement which both parties agree on within our contract.

Rock A Dope-Ass Hoodie Our Hoodies Will Keep You Warm On The Inside. It’s Like Wearing A Hug

⚠️NOTE: If you decide to give us your address, We will only use it to send your a Partner Hoodie/Shirt/Merchandise. It is not necessary to fill that out but only if you would like us to mail you stuff. We will verify that you signed this form and request your p.0 box or address to send you the merch⚠️

To Apply email us @ [email protected] with Your Name, Your Channels, How many subscribers/followers you have. Your Mission, Why you'd make a good fit and anything else we might need to know. or our Discord under the Open-A-Ticket channel.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, fill out the forum on this page.

Partnership Benefits Include

1 custom coupon code on our store.
 A royalty which we discuss and can agree on when your code is used.  You can decide to take it out via PayPal every 3 months or spend it Google Advertising for your channels, Facebook ads, Steam gift cards if you play video games, etc.
1,000/$10 in Loyalty Points as store credit to get whatever you’d like.
 STATISTICS OF How much money you’re earning whenever you ask or every month via email.
 PAID PROMOTION if we ask for you to write us an article or create a video if you choose to accept.
 A Free Copy Of William’s E-book.
BONUSES if you sell certain quantity milestones, extra money or and or some gift baskets of merch and other goodies from your amazon Wishlist.
Custom Role on our discord.
Partner advertising assets like templates for meme’s, or anything you’d like to do “as long as it’s abiding to the contract.”