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Shady Sadie
Loyal Wolfy

Who we are

Since the beginning, TheSWMTeam Entertainment we have given inspiration directly to the hands of the community.

Our Values

We share a relevant purpose in the lives of everyone we come into contact with.  We understand that nobody is perfect and will sometimes go through the darkest depression alone.  We want to encourage you to be open to talking with us about it.  We strive to value your needs and be transparent with you about what we can offer.  Our priorities are to equip you to experience success in inspiring the world for the morally right reasons.

It's Transparent

Supporting an SWM Partner also includes supporting a charity they've chosen to share a 5% additional in. As we share 5% of everything we make to the charity you're supporting the partner's choice charity they've selected.  Nothing is hidden. If you're supporting an SWM Partner, It will include their name as a coupon or special link at the checkout.

Do I Qualify

Applications are open to all aged 18 and above - the exceptions of younger content creators with guardian/parental content in rare cases. We review each application carefully and make the final decision on eligibility. We reserve the right to reject or remove any application or account that contains objectionable content—including material that is sexually explicit, violent, and/or is involved in discrimination of any kind towards race, color, sex, language, religion, political or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence and social situation, and/or in violation of intellectual property rights.

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Our Mission

If I Just Make one person laugh, that makes my day so much better! Why I'm doing this is because I want to brighten someone's day, giving them peace of mind, Through inspirational quotes that I write daily. My Goal is to reach as many depressing people as I Can and give them hope. So that they can achieve their goals in life!

What does it cost?

No fees are required to join TheSWMTeam Partner Program and you can choose to stop participating when your contract is about to renew.

It's Supportive

The best thing about TheSWMTeam's Partner program? It spreads the word about the wonderful clothes and accessories you've received, creators, and charities that you've discovered at ThesWMTeam. By continuing to support them, you'll be supporting your favorite broadcasters and online influencers too.

What do we look for in our partners?

Someone who appreciates me for who I am and likes long walks on the beaches and candle-lit dinners and... wait, I think I misread the question. Really, we look for growing communities and content creators that show an authentic enthusiasm (which means you're already very evolved with your community). We want to support communities that support us. Acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one candidate to the next. What numbers do I have to hit as a content creator/community to be accepted as a partner For Twitch broadcasters, we look for streamers that are active in streaming with 20 concurrent viewers and stream 4 times a week. For YouTube, we look for channels with at least 1,000 subscribers and 100  average views per video. You must also upload 2-3 videos per week. If you represent a non-profit, we want to work with you too! Submit an application along with the EIN that matches your organization and you’ll hear from us soon. Remember that if you're currently not actively engaging your community.  you will not be accepted into the partner program. Partnership on any platform does not guarantee partnership with us.

What types of links/codes do you offer?

We offer product data feeds along with a wide variety of text links and multiple sizes of banners that feature new product releases, bestselling products, current promotions, and exclusive offers. We also offer a discount code to your audience that directly supports you, the charity of your choice, and us.

How do I keep track of my sales and commissions?

With our Partner network interface, you can access daily reports that provide information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales, and commissions earned. To ensure that all transactions are properly tracked and credited, use only the SWM  links you find on the network page SWM Partner Program on your account page. You can also request a detailed summary through our Discord's open-a-ticket channel.

Does joining the Partner Program mean I am sponsored by TheSWMTeam?

We created TheSWMTeam Partner Program to give you the opportunity to be rewarded when you promote TheSWMTeam's products. Simply put, the more you refer and sell, the more you earn. In no way does this indicate direct sponsorships with TheSWMTeam, nor any entitlement to free products from TheSWMTeam besides your Partner Shirt, Points added to your account to redeem discounts, or exceptional giveaways.

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How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on monthly net sales and do not include returns, sales tax, or shipping and handling. Recorded sales are locked 1 month after the month they are generated and then paid on the 15th of that following month they lock. For example, if you generate a sale in January, the action will lock by March 10th, and you will receive payment on 15th March. A "Locked-in" sale is a transaction that cannot be reversed or edited. This practice is necessary to prevent instances of fraud and other unauthorized manipulation.

What about product returns?

If a customer returns a product, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if credit card charges are reversed due to dispute or credit card fraud, that transaction will not be eligible for a commission payout.

Is TheSWMTeam Partner Program the same as TheSWMTeam Merchandising Program?

No, it is not. We created TheSWMTeam Partner Program to give you the opportunity to be rewarded when you promote TheSWMTeam's products, while TheSWMTeam Partner Program is designed to support streamers/creators in their journey. Although select streamers/creators may be approved to join the Partner Program, we would like to emphasize that both are completely different entities.