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Why YOU need a website

I’m only a small streamer on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Small Business Owner, Blogger etc.  Why do I even bother with having a website?

You absolutely NEED a website for your brand to thrive. Social media is known as one of the quickest ways to establish your online presence. … Instead, social media should be used as a marketing tool to help further the mission of your brand. Websites are still incredibly relevant today.

Why is it important to have a website?

Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. A website is also important because it helps to establish credibility as a business. … A website not only gives credibility but it also helps to give a positive impression that your company is bigger and more successful.

Back in the day, a business card was an indicator of being in business. It told the world what you were about and where you were heading.

Today, the same can be said for your website. If you run a business, do freelance work, or even work as an employee, a website has become indispensable.

With endless social media profiles and other forms of digital representation the question arises, “Do I even need a website?”

The answer is a resounding yes.

Having your own website gives you a medium that you control 100%. Beyond that, we offer even more reasons below. Keep reading to learn why everyone needs a website.

1. Set Yourself Up for Future Success

Your website gives you a vehicle to showcase your expertise, build a personal brand, and offer a way to showcase your creativity. Your site will continually evolve with you as you progress throughout your personal and working life.

By having a personal website you extend your opportunities for growth and success. For example, by creating a blog that’s filled with captivating and compelling content around your area of expertise you’ll not only be able to network with other’s in your niche but also establish your authority in time.

2. Stand Out From The Field

You can even think of your website as a digital resume. Instead of just listing places you’ve worked and skills you’ve acquired, you can actually show off those skills in real time.

If you’re looking to give yourself a leg up on your competition, then your website can be the perfect way to showcase your skills.

For example, a standard resume is kind of boring. You can use your website to the same effect, but you can also make your past work experience more engaging by including photos, testimonials, additional text, and even video.

3. Control Over Your Image

Having complete control over how you present yourself is important. Today, whether you’re applying for a new job, pitching a potential project, or simply introducing yourself to someone, the chances are high that they’ll Google you first.

Even though your social media profiles may come up, this won’t give people a curated version of yourself, but instead, an aggregation of the pictures and words you thought were worth sharing with the world at that moment in time.

Your website gives you a chance to showcase yourself in digital form. It’s near impossible to have this same level of control by relying on other platforms, or not having a website at all.

Welcome Home

Welcome to my safe space on the internet. I’m so thankful you accepted my invitation to what I call, my home. I’m not pestered if you keep your shoes on or off at the door as some people prefer, you know exactly who I’m talking about. Please do have a seat as we begin to share a little story and brief update about me, this website and any other important things I feel are necessary to mention at this time.

A short story by William…

It was the year 2020 on a warm summer night. Little old William was scared by a fright. He walked into the bathroom to later see, a big ugly water bug underneath his sink. It was grim and spooky some would say. When William screamed, “YIKES, GO AWAY.” The new not so nice friend leaped in fear, “I don’t remember why I needed to be here.” William called his mother in hopes of help, “MOM GET UP HERE I’m beginning to pout. She rushed with a can of vinegar ready to go when addressing the problem the bug was no more. I let my mom go back to bed and I slept a restful night well spent. I tried to rhyme but this story is indeed true, Go onto the next paragraph so we can be done here soon.

Many of you have expressed latency when visiting the website or some slowness when stopping by, allow me to explain. I was paying for something called shared hosting which allowed me to have very few plugins and features without crashing on your end and my back end. I upgraded to a VPS, that way I can run the 47+ plugins I was using prior and dream bigger running things more smoothly.

This is just the beginning and I’m very ecstatic to continue seeing support with what I’ve been doing. As some of you are aware I do donate 5% of everything I make to charity because it is truly good to be evolved in the community financially when able to. I do have a partner program for creators who stream on Twitch or YouTube. As a perk for my partners when you use their creator code at checkout you are also supporting their selected charity.

My e-book is now set to Name Your Price which means if you do not have it but want it. Buy is for whatever you wish to pay for it. I will also be adding a binary version of my book soon too so be on a lookout for that.

I’m working on a marketing video course thing that will hopefully be available this fall where I teach you how to grow on social media and get sales on your website. I want to get back into YouTube or streaming someday but these projects been taking up all of the time. This project I’m referring to is a little card game I’m in the works of developing and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

In conclusion, I hope you all are continuing to stay safe and following healthy habits during the current state of the world.

I love you very much and if you need someone to talk to about anything at all My DMs are always open.

— William